Top 5 Instant Personal loan Apps in India 2022

Top 5 Instant Personal loan Apps in India 2022 

Top 5 Instant Personal loan Apps: Personal loan is a boon for the borrower as it can be used in case of emergency or when facing shortage of  funds.  Since there is no limit on the end use of the loan,
the amount can be used for weddings, travel plans, medical needs or practically anything in the sun.  You can also get a personal loan to keep it as an emergency  With these benefits, a personal loan becomes the most convenient financial instrument for most borrowers.
Top 5 Instant Personal loan Apps : With the advent of technology, creating and disbursing personal loans has become very easy.  Many lenders offer this facility through their mobile  These apps provide instant personal loans to their customers.  All you need is a mobile phone and internet connection to get your personal loan instantly.

Here is a list of top 5 instant personal loan apps in India in 2022

1. Insta Loan App from Fullerton India: It is a fast and convenient personal loan app for salaried and self-employed professionals.  Fullerton India Personal Loan App provides instant disbursement of sanctioned loan amount to your registered bank account within 30 minutes* of loan approval.
Some of its features are: Customers can apply for Fullerton India Personal Loan anytime and anywhere in India.

The app provides a hassle free
 documentation process where customers just need to upload their basic information and documents.
It is a completely digital process, with dynamic tracking status available.
Why should you choose Fullerton India for personal loan?
Fullerton India offers attractive Personal Loan with online personal loan EMI calculator, online exchange, flexible repayment tenure, reasonable interest rates and good service.  Some of the features of 
Fullerton India Personal Loan are as follows:
Personal loans up to Rs.  25 Lakh* – In Fullerton India, customer can pay Rs.  25 lakh*.
Attractive and flexible interest rates – The starting rate is 11.99%* for salaried and self-employed individuals, with a maximum of 36%*.
Hassle Free Documentation Process – The loan process is completely paperless if the customers apply online.
Express Disbursement – After all the enquiries, the sanctioned amount will be credited to the customer’s bank account within 30 minutes* of acceptance.
Additional Benefits for Existing Customers Existing customers of Fullerton India can expect additional benefits.
2. MoneyTap: MoneyTap is primarily a money lending company with flexible interest rates, Pixeltechjob. comcurrently serving clients in more than 30 cities in India including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.
 3. EarlySalary: Through EarlySalary, anyone with a salary of Rs 18,000 or more can get an instant personal loan of up to Rs 2 lakh.  EarlySalary is aimed at people without a credit history.  With the right documentation, you can get a loan from EarlySalary within 10 minutes of applying.
4. CreditBee: The maximum loan you can avail using the CreditBee app is Rs.  2 lakhs.  CreditBee offers three types of loans;  Flexible personal loans, online purchase loans, personal loans for salary earners.  You can get a loan from 62 days to 15 months.
The app is also secured with 128-bit SSL encryption to protect important personal data of customers. You can use the app to shop from partner websites like Flipkart, Amazon, etc.
5. LazyPay: With LazyPay you can get credit of Rs.  10,000 rupees.  1,00,000. You can also use this app while shopping from Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Flipkart etc. and pay later with flexible EMI options.
An Instant Personal Loan App Offers the Following Benefits: 

1. Save time: If you face an emergency, you would not want to spend time moving from one lender to another. Instant Personal Loan app provides you personal loan with just the click of a button.
2. Reaching anywhere: You don’t need to stand in long lines. If you are opting for a personal loan, you can easily apply online and start the process from the comfort of your home.
3. Digital Authentication: Xerox self-certified copies are expired.  You can easily upload your documents via the scanner to your phone when applying for a personal loan, and have all the paperwork in your device as a backup.
4. Ease of eligibility: Multiple trips are not required for personal loan.  Lenders have relaxed the eligibility criteria for personal loans due to competition in the market.  This can be of great use to you.
Personal loans are a great option for those looking for hassle-free financing options.  To avail a personal loan, you need to meet very basic eligibility criteria.  This includes stable income, stable residence, good credit score, age and satisfactory ability to make payments.  Whether Rs.  50,000 or 1,00,000, you can easily get a personal loan for your small needs.
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