Tata steel recruitment | Latest job vacancy 2022

Tata steel recruitment: Welcome to our another post, if you want to do a job, if you want a job, emergency take you, then our team has got a job, which you can do and you can earn a lot of income, you will not have any kind of problem and You will not have to do much work, so to do this job, you must follow this post so that we will tell.

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information about work

 You have to clean their house there and along with them with the details of the house like doing their personal work and with them he is a Tata steel, then drop them to the doctor’s Tata steel and bring them and bring you to the shop and home After taking the goods, I will have to go to get vegetables, after bringing vegetables, you have to prepare vegetables and can also cook home food and you will have to feed Aunt ji and also live with madam ji and you can also do her personal work. If you want to do it, then her husband is not at the mercy of her husband, she has no one else and she has a daughter who studies in the twelfth class, so she is still young, so she needs a helper, then if you do this need helper you can do it if you can do one thing then you will get a job and you have a lot of fun with them what kind of a man you are going to get a job madam ji is with all the details would like to tell you what to do what not to do

Tata steel Salary Drawn

If you work there or help them, then talk about the salary you get, then you are going to get from 18000 to 30,000 per month, which means that you do not have to do anything, do housework and do not do any kind of work. You just have to sit free and do her personal work like her husband, not her personal work, you can also understand what to do, she should tell you herself that this will have to be done with me, so you can do this work from there also if you have to. If you like doing this work, then you can earn more and more money by doing them and she has a lot of money, madam ji will not have any other problem.

what you should have

If you are in between 18 to 36 years then you will get any job If you come between 36 years to 56 years then you will get job but you will not be given a lot of money, they need men and only men

He should have Aadhar card and should also have domicile and account should also be open as if you are in SBI, am in any bank, who should be with you is ok and you should also have PAN card if you are twelfth pass If yes, then you will get this job, if you will also get that, if you will be given different work and you are illiterate, then you will be given the job of cleaning, so you can do this job even if you are illiterate, there is no problem because you people Do the household work and neither illiterate people do the work of Madam ji’s personal too, there will be no problem in this.

Tata steel facilities

If we talk about the facilities, then you have to think that it is going to be very good, like if you stay in the house or do the job only if you need a helper, then you will not have any problem, so if you are at home or with them Stay in there will not be any problem, yet we tell you what facilities you will get, you will be given a room there absolutely free, no money will be taken, nor will it be cut in your straw.

 And you will also be given a mobile so that you can contact with family members and you can also run smart phone like you can also run YouTube, Facebook can also run WhatsApp, there will be no problem, madam ji says that you If you do any work on any kind of social media, then there will be no problem and you can work, mobile will be given to you free and you are also going to get recharge.

 You will have to eat the vegetables that you will cook and cook there and you will have to feed them as well

Tata steel address of ma’am

This madam ji has a big house there in Sir Nimbada village of Kota, do the bran number in the name of HD PS JD Kanchana Bhai ji, if you go wherever you can talk to us and we also apply on the given phone. Can you do so that you will be able to get this job as soon as possible

Tata steel salary

Let me talk about the salary you get after doing the job.

If you do a lot of work then you are going to get 30,000 per month, which is very good for you and where you will get the fun of doing it, there will be no problem and you will get the money in your account. Will merge in

how to apply form for job

 If you want to do the job, if you have liked the answer, then how to apply the answer, follow the other method to redo the form below our given, then we will be told how you will be filled the form first your name then your middle class middle name then your father’s name then your caste and your mobile number and write your resume with him in a comment box what do you do what do you do right now what are you wanting to do and what are your specialties what do you like What do you not do, you do not have to write all the information in this comment box so that if you like it and they also want to come and do this job for you, then you can get this job because you do not like to do this, then bring them too. If you do not like tomorrow, then fill all this information in the box given in a box. will go

I hope you get this job as soon as possible if you get this job then definitely share this post and thank you for being a member of our team and see you in the next post till then bye if you get more jobs If you do not like this job, then visit our website, you will get a lot of jobs, where you will have some kind of job in the vicinity, then you check on our website there, you will get all the jobs, then you answer will be good. Fill your form there so that you get a job nearby, you do not have any problem of going far away, thank you thank you

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