Puneri Paltan Vs UP Yoddha Vivo Pro kabaddi match live streaming here

Puneri Paltan Vs UP Yoddha Vivo Pro kabaddi: At Vivo Pro Kabaddi, the first match between Puneri Paltan and UP Yoddha will take place on Monday.  Let’s find out where Puneri Paltan and UP Yoddha are currently in the points table, how has the team performed so far?  In addition, information about the live broadcast of the match is also available here. 

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Position of teams in the points table, performance so far 

UP Yoddha played 10 games. Pradeep Narwal is a part of this team but has yet to witness the performance from his side that he is known for. UP has won 3 matches so far, while losing 4 matches and drawing 3 more. With 28 points, UP Yoddha is sixth in the table. 
Bunyere Paltan has played a total of 9 matches so far. The team undoubtedly won 4 matches, but also lost another 5 matches. Boneri Paltan is 10th in the table with 21 points.
Let us tell you that two or three matches will be played every day in Pro Kabaddi League. All three matches are scheduled separately. The first match will start at 7:30, while the second match will be held at 8:30. On the day three matches are scheduled, the last match is played from 9:30 a.m. on that day.

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