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Myntra recruitment: Hello friends, welcome to our another post, friends, if you want a job and if you are looking for the answer and you are not getting a job, if you are illiterate or not educated, then now you can do this job easily and easily. If we get a job then friends, if we talk about this job, see how to apply for the job, so you have been given a form below by taking your resume on it and we will be told with the details how to do the job.

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How you will get cough income, how will you be given money and how you are going to get CL leave, with all the details, you will be told about the hobby below by different staff, if you read this post, then you will have to follow this post of ours. Through this you are going to get a job, that is, you will have to work in a bank in Myntra , which will get you a government job, if you want to do a job, then this post will give you all the information.

 2. Myntra  Qualifications

 Friends, if you talk about qualification, then you should have qualification, then if you have then you can call now, 8th pass, 10th pass, 12th pass, if you are doing BA BSc, then now you have a chance to do this SBI man job. You will get if you work in security guard, then it is mandatory for you to pass the fifth and eighth here, if you work in all the employees, then you are illiterate, then you will get the job easily, any kind of problem is doubtful. So you can contact us in the comment box, if there is any doubt in the comment box, you can ask.

Myntra Required Documents

Talking about the documents, then you have aadhar card, domicile certificate, caste certificate certificate, which you have any other certificate, then you will be easily able to do any job if you have sports certificate or any other game certificate. Also you can do this job easily and fill the form even if you do not have certificate game then you can play this phone and get small job

Aadhar Card Original Residence Bank Diary Two Photo and Caste Certificate Identity Card Voter ID Card

4. Private Job Work

If you talk about work, in which SBI bank you will have to work, which if you work as a bank manager, then from 9:00 to 3:00 in the morning if you close the account in any bank account from the account. Withdrawing money and putting money in will work sometime

If you work as a sweeper, then the car will come to you by 9:00 in the morning and will be delivered to the house by 8:00 in the evening, you will have to clean the bank and have your camper to fill the water for them. Along with you will have to stay there, you will also have to do the work of peons, you will have to make tea in the par and at 3:00 time in the morning and evening, you will have to make tea, which you will have to give to the manager, you will have to reach there.

If you work as a security guard, then you have to work there from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Anyone who comes to the customer will take care of the lines, someone will do bullying, thieves will have to take care of the glare, a driver will also have to take care of the person and stand in front of the ATM card, no one or two can enter, so you also have to take care of cash The counter person will also have to take care so that there is no problem, the theft will be careful and you will have to stand there from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and you will also get tea and three-time snacks.

5.Myntra  Facilities

Talking about the facilities available, you will get three time meals, three times tea and three or four holidays per month, then you can easily go home and you will also be given a room to rest, it is such that you are comfortable. You can even sit and enjoy with them, you will get a lot of food with them, there will not be any other problem, there you can also bring goods to the canteen, in the name of the bank, then in any way you can The money will not be taken and you are going to get two dresses from the bank, which can be worn by the bank’s clothes. You will have to come, you are going to give the ID card of the ID card, there you can come wearing it and you will have to come wearing a cloth coat of paint.

6. Salary/Salary in Work from home

If we talk about salary, then you are going to get salary for many dates, according to which job you want to do, you are going to get salary.

  • Myntra  Bank Manager – If you work as a bank manager, then you are going to get 90000- 90,000 per month, you will be given two dresses and bonus, on Holi Deepawali, you will also be given clothes for your family members and your child will be grinded.
  • Safai Karamchari – Talking about the sweeper, you are going to get 22000 to 39000 per month there, if you do a lot of work, then you will get good money and you will not have any kind of bonus because everyone will not be given bonus. manager will be given
  • Security Guard – Security guard employee will get 18 to 22000 per month and with them you will be given cloth asos free so that he can easily come out love pan card   

7. Job Location

Talking about the location of the job, two friends, this job has happened inside India, you can fill the form, any person from India, if you have any comments and requirements, then you can do the job and apply any form. You will not be charged any kind of money for this, you will not have to pay any form money, it is absolutely free and this vacancy has come from the private side.

 If you want that you want a job near us, then you have an SBI bank, then you apply a form and if your job will be vacant there, this post will be empty, then you will be transferred there, so you should not take this opportunity. And apply this form as soon as possible so that you don’t get left behind by this phone job is only 200 address which you will not get anywhere in whole india so you must play from as soon as possible and if you want this job more job then By clicking on our website given below and there are many websites, many jobs have come on it, if you like it from there or you have any job, then you can apply a form by doing a job from there, after that you will get 6 You will get this job within a day

If your reply comes, then you will be sent there along with the contact number and you will also be given training with all the details, if you do good work in training, then you are going to get the most money with them. you will get very nice bonus

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