Job near me: job vacancy in india top City 6000+ new Hiring job notification

Job near me: Hello, welcome to our another post, friends, if you want to do work from home job, then definitely keep this post handy, you want a job or want to do a job, if you are unemployed, then you must read this post till the end and You will be given all the information about all the given information and details, apart from this, you will know about the payment and where to stay, a lot of information will be given through this post, so you must keep this post at the end. And to apply our given below form, you will also be given information to fill the retail, how the details will be filled, how to fill, then definitely take this post so that you do not miss all the information.

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 job detail

 Friends, if you want to do this job, then we will tell you about it, this job is very good, which can earn you a lot of money and you can start your own home and business and you can run the house very easily. It is a good job, you will not have any kind of problem and you will not have any problem in doing the job, we will walk according to our given, then you will not have any problem, friends, if you must make this post an entry so that you All the information will be given friends, if you want a job, the job has come from Mumbai and the job is a very big company of chilli masala, friends and here chilli masala is made where there is red chilli, they have chilli masala. There you have to work where you have to make chili spice, okay so how is it made, what will you have to do, then all the information will be given.

 You will be given a car or you will be given a four wheeler car, you have to bring goods or goods from there, which comes in the train from the supply, you have to bring goods from them and in the luggage you have packing bags and chili peppers, along with them you have to go from there. I have taken factory with friends in Mumbai and with them you have to bring goods to the factory, work with you at least two to three things from the front and you will have to work with them as well.

 And after taking you there, put the goods there and there are big machines with them, you have to put them in the machine and you will also be given a packing bag in that machine which will go to the PCC in Mircha. Mirchi masala will have to be packed, after packing, you will have to pack in a lot of fields as if you will have to do all the work, you will be given a car to supply you after that, then you can also reply if you If you do not want to play with you, then you can stay on you and you have to get respect in the car, if you want to help with them, then you are going to get more answers about the job and now for the details of the job, follow this post and our Type to get website and good job so that you can get all the information

 How much income or money will be given for working in a company with mirchi masala

 If you work well for 24 hours, then you will be given a reasonable amount of up to one and a half lakh, if you work there for 8 hours, then you will be given 36000 to 35000 there.

 Along with this, you should also be given expenses as if you are going to get very good expenses, whatever you want, there is a big grocery shop there, you can handle anything, everything will be free for you.

 facility available

 You will have almost all the facilities available to you and your mobile will also be given with you so that you can contact with anyone and you will also be given an account, as if you know how to operate a computer, then you may have to do account work, friends. If you account does not go to the computer, then you will be given other work along with you will be given a machine like you can pack while sitting in the room, which will have to work easily, then you will be given a machine in the room as well. The machine is the weight of the machine, it will be about 6, 7 or 8 kg, with them, you will work sitting comfortably, the more packing you do, the more money you will get, if you shop for three and you and you are comfortable you want to work

 company accommodation

 There is a very big house in the company, there you will be given a room and you have been living with them for about 2 to 30 days before, you have to live with them, friends have come, this job has come, if you talk about their position, then their position is Lam sum you have 300 posts already vacant and tension is happening, you need to go short, so if you want to do this job, then appeal to him given from under the lamp, go there as soon as possible

 Company Address

 The company is located in Sursura Nagar Gwalior, Mumbai, the owner’s name is Hindutva Raj Singh Rajpurohit, who is a very big businessman, does a lot of other business with him and he has very big companies who wanted you to do your work there too. Do it and if you want to do any other kind of work, then you can do it from here, so you should check our website completely so that you can get all the details and with them and according to us you have a very good job there. than you can

 How do you like this information, tell us in the comment box and if you go to work with them, then this side of ours is a friend, please share it with someone so that they can also work with you and easily earn money. Yes, that’s why you must share all these details with your friends as well, have been for the job, click on them, they will come as soon as possible and you can also call them and come soon, for more information, you can visit our comment box. I see you thanks for making your post an antique bye till then in the next post

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