Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba Live Match Score Updates

pun vs jai Pro kabadi Season 9 Live Match Score Updates

pun vs jai Pro kabadi Season : It will be yet another exciting encounter for Season 9 as the contestants from Jaipur will face off against the vibrant Pink Panthers of Puneri Baltan. Jaipur systematically topped the table with 26 points. They have won their last 5 matches and this is one of their best consecutive wins

Puneri Paltan applied speed breakers during their ride but managed to control the game and win from a losing position. He was poorly saved in his last match against Bengal Warriors which was a low-scoring affair. In the raiding department, both the teams are equal. They are also on the same level in terms of defence, but Banere Balton’s defense faltered at once. Boneri Balaton have won their last three matches which has given them a lot of confidence as well as confidence

Puneri Paltan Preview

pun vs jai Pro kabadi Season ; Puneri Paltan is one of the most vibrant aspects of the season. It may not beat the carpet, but it has the vigor and spice to face any opposition. The faction became even more dangerous with the return of Fazal Atrshali. They have now developed the art of organizing sports.

Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba Live Match Score Updates

He had a tough time dealing with the Bengal warriors as it took a lot of effort to subdue them. After a delay in the first half, Paltan won by two points. This trust in Paltan has been missing for a long time. Raiders Mohit Goyat and Aslam Inamdar. The inclusion of Fazal Atrachali and Nabibakhsh gave a different dimension to the team.

The only concern is the only close moments that get out of hand. Paltan won the last 3 matches but they were all close. They beat U Mumba by two points, shaved a decent beard against Telugu Titans and then hardly beat Bengal Warriors.

His earnings through raids and interference in all three matches were not great and what saved him was the amount of time he gave to every team in crucial moments. A cat has 9 lives, how many species are there? Paltan has secured 4 super interventions but no super raids have taken place so far. This is worrying as Mohit Goyat and Aslam Inamdar continued to get raid points but could not make the jackpot. He puts a lot of pressure on the defense which has to play it safe and pull everything out at the last minute. Paltan doesn’t have a good record against Pink Panthers as they haven’t beaten them since Season 6. This will give them another reason to improve their strategy and position them against the table toppers.

Jaipur Pink Panthers Preview

pun vs jai Pro kabadi Season: Jaipur Pink Panthers are living their dream. He has seen the full scope of PKL, from being champion to slowing down at the bottom of the points table. But this season has changed his fortunes. They have a deadly mix of attackers and a dangerous gang of defenders. This has helped them win their last 5 matches.

Raider Arjun Deshwal scored 65 raid points in 6 matches including 4 Super 10s. Rahul Chaudhary and Ajit gave him their full support. This helped Pink Panthers to put pressure on their opponents very quickly. These raiders have also done 3 super raids this season.

Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba Live Match Score Updates

The Pink Panthers are at the top of the table as their three defenders feature in the top ten list for this season. Ankush and captain Sunil Kumar and Saul Kumar scored 4 high 5 runs in the small left corner. This turned the Pink Panthers into an unbeatable unit. In their crush on Telugu Titans, these defenders earned 16 entry points, completely destroying opponents.

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