Bisleri recruitment | Relevel jobs for freshers 2022

Bisleri recruitment: Hello friends, welcome to our another post, if you want to do 200 grams of job, if you are looking for a job and you are illiterate and you have not found work, then you must make this post and vote has been given with all the details. Read all the details, with them you will get any job easily, there will be no problem. 

 If you are leaving the job, then you have come to the right place on our website, if you do not get this job then you will not get it anywhere else, so this job has been told in this post with all the details and after the information is complete, we will Apply the form so that there is no problem in playing the phone and along with them you will be told an online job along with a part time job, for this, if you also do an online job, then you will get through this post and this will be shared to you through the website

Friends let you know about this job, this job has come to our team, which you want to do, then this is a company that has come again and again, which is a job vacancy of Bisleri recruitment. Whatever you can do and you are illiterate for them, then you will not have any problem in this and it is a very big company that you will have to work in a company that makes biscuits there and you will get benefit from it. and you will get more income, more money will be given

 2. Qualifications

 If you want to work in Bisleri Company and you are going to work then what qualifications should you have what documents you should have will be told with oil if you have then you have 562 Even if you are illiterate on 12th pass, you will get it here, so even if you have any market, it will work, especially if you have a medical certificate, what will happen to you, you should not have any problem with medical here because you make and you will have medical problem so i will not put you there so you have

 3. Required Documents

 If you talk about documents, then if you want to do a job or how I want to join you on the job, then in which country should you sleep or not, which documents should be all that information on this. going to meet

 If you are educated, then by having the marksheet of those who belong to which B class, as if you have passed five, then there should be a mark sheet and even if you have the marksheet of the eighth, then the work will go with them but If you are 12th pass then you are looking for some work, then you can find it through this post or maybe you will get work in this company biscuit company so that you do not have any kind of problem, so you 12th pass Even if you do, you will go away and you will get a good income, even if you are illiterate, you will get a job and you will be given a little money and you will be given a room to live in free and you will not have any kind of problem.

 4. Private Job Work

 1 Biscuits have to be made and with them you need a helper to make aata or semolina flour

 2 To make biscuits, we need to arrange flour

 3  You will have to place the order in the machine, you will not have to mix water with them and to prepare for school, you have to prepare the packet, you will have to prepare the polythene that comes.

 4 With that, you have to apply paint and the name of the company that their people have to know the details of the whole company or not, how much income they have on the gate and write the marriage on the fixed gate so that the buyers will know that the engine belongs to the company and what What has been adulterated, so you must write your resume, what has been mixed with them, you need a helper there, the company and the name of the company Parle G Biscuits Pvt Ltd India

 5. Bisleri recruitment Facilities

Then talking to you about convenience, you will get a room to come there, you will be taken mobile with them, you will get recharge and absolutely free, which will be given by the company so that you are a very big company for some work. There is also a company which is very big that’s why you can’t move around in four, so you can talk on the call and you can also ask for whatever you can, so you will be given a mobile, with them you will also be given three meals and one Will be given, will not take money, will be given absolutely free, this room is from the company’s side and if you know then you cannot stay less, if you do not want then you can also stay in the room, so it will be given absolutely free if you go there After that no money will be taken, you will not take any kind of money from you for the phone and you will be given a lot of clothes and shoes and on what you wear so that you do not get dirty, so you will not wear clothes at home So you company will be given clothes of that company and will have to work cleanly.

 6. Bisleri / Salary in Work from home

 In Biscuit Company, you will get salary from 80000 to 90000 per month so that you can do good work, you can earn a lot of money with them and bonus will also be given with them.

If you are illiterate then you will be given 30 to 40,000 husband and with them you will have to stay with them to moisten the flour, to pour water, you should need a helper with them and the sweeper should also get 15 to 30,000 per month. It is going if you also save the square, then definitely write your resume on the phone given below and stay with the post till the end.

 7. Bisleri Job Location

 Friends, if you talk about where is the job every vacancy or the company that is going to get you this and give you a job in Educom today, then you are going to get a job and all the details of how you fill the form are given in this group. I am going to get it, so you will be taught to fill the form with all the details

Parle G Biscuits Private Limited of India is the name of the company with them in the district of Gujarat, which is in the district of Gujarat, you need work in this, you need their loved ones, then only you can do that, the name of the company’s owner is Dinesh Das. Jai Nand is the owner of Parle ji and needs his helper, you can work as a helper and take money from him and earn a lot of income and you try to get more and more income, if you do more work then you will be given this more money


On the forum given below, give your bio-data like name, middle name, husband or father’s name, caste, origin, where are you from, how do you contact your mobile number with all the details and what education do you have? And how much expense do you have and where do you work first, with all the details, do not tell us in this comment and in this form and I must write to you so that you will not have any problem if you have to do a job and we need our team and The people of the company need and there should not be any problem to get you a job, so you will get any way to contact you, so you will get it easily

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  1. At the beginning, I was still puzzled. Since I read your article, I have been very impressed. It has provided a lot of innovative ideas for my thesis related to Thank u. But I still have some doubts, can you help me? Thanks.

  2. At the beginning, I was still puzzled. Since I read your article, I have been very impressed. It has provided a lot of innovative ideas for my thesis related to Thank u. But I still have some doubts, can you help me? Thanks.


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