Bajaj electricals recruitment | Latest job vacancy 2022

 Bajaj electricals recruitment: Hello welcome friends on our call, if you are not getting any job, do you want to do job, then you are going to get a job easily here, what kind of money you can earn by doing a job, very easily. Detail will be given to you through this post, complete the information and you should read the complete information along with you will also be given a phone so that you will be able to get a job job as soon as possible by filling the form, if you like any job job then you can do this. Like the post or write in the comment box and also do the form as soon as possible so that you can get the answer quickly 

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 Bajaj electricals Job details

 You have to take care of the shop, monitor the shop and with them you have to work there and you have to stay in the shop with them you have to bring the goods of the shop, give respect to someone, give it to the society and with them You have to take care of the counter like a customer will have to give salty and take salty money, after paying money, you will have a money account and you do good work, otherwise you can get more and more money, if you like it, you will have to work more. You will have to do the shop only, if you go to the shop after mixing everything for free, then you will have to spend water and food, everything will be free and we will tell you all the details.

 Bajaj electricals facility provided

 If you work there, then we will talk about the facilities you will get and you are going to get very good facilities. A very big room will be given and you can stay in the room there and in the morning you are going to get other morning time with milk and at 8:00 you will also get food after that I will tell you if you work in the shop. If you do, if you feel like eating something salty, then you can eat it, you do not have any kind of refusal, there will be no problem in any way, along with that you are going to get food in the evening and you will get curd, milk and cheese in the food. You get food in your house, in the same way, there is going to be food there, no one will be skimpy to eat and drink there and if you do good work, you will get a bonus, if you get the bonus, you will get ₹ 3000 on Holi in Deepawali. What you are going to get will be said too much will be done 

Bajaj electricals times

 If you do this job, then you will have to go to the shop here and at what time you have to go to the shop, at which time you will have to work, all the details of this will be told in the paragraph aur aapko dukaan kholne ka samay aana hoga aur dukaan bhi aapko hi khol nahin hogi

 You have to come at the time of opening the shop and the shop will not even call you like you will come at 6:00 and after that I have to open the shop and about them you have to clean the shop and after cleaning the name of the water camper Lana had to fill water so that someone can drink water easily and can sit, so after you go there early, I will have to do this work, after that I will give you the same time as has been mentioned above and in the evening at 8:00 At o’clock you will not come after closing the shop, you will have to come to the room, after that I will close you room and you will have to sleep and you will also get food from there.

 About the Bajaj electricals 

 This shop belongs to Anjali Vaishnav ji who is a doctor and she is a doctor that’s why she can’t work for you, she goes to the hospital so she is not able to work, so come on, she needs a helper and she doesn’t have a husband, she has two sons. He has a daughter, you can help him, his helper is needed, then you can do it on us there, anyway you get married, you need a man or a helper, so if you want to take a friend too, then You can take them there, there will be no problem, you will have to take them with you, stay with them and they will do all the work with you to cook, you will not have to do any housework to come and work at the shop.

Bajaj electricals  area address

 The shop is inside Jodhpur, which is near Ratanada Pulia, which you will easily find and you will not have any problem in coming, if you can not reach, then we can talk to the admin by calling and the name of his shop is Vaishno General The store is Ratanada Jodhpur and there you need your loved ones

how to get job

 If friends, if you want to do this job, then you fill out a form given below, and you will get the reply of the information as soon as possible within 7 days, after getting the job and the job that you will get, I will give you madam ji. You will be contacted from there, after that I will be calling you from Jodhpur and after that you will get yourself booked from wherever you want to go and you can come from there comfortably and whatever you need after that. The work that will have to be done, she will tell you herself, it will not work and do not do everything else, and below this post you will get to fill a form where yourname is your middle name, caste and where By and by writing your resume completely so that there is no easy problem and one more thing if you can like your mobile number whatsapp number facebook

 what should be the education

 Even if you have, you will get work or job, even if you are not 8th pass, 10th pass, 12th pass or educated, you will get this job.

 You should have Aadhar card, you should have domicile certificate, you should have caste certificate and you should have ration card and domicile of Indian Indian so that if it happens many times, you will get this job but you will have some kind of problem, so you have to go there. If you belong to Jodhpur, then you are going to get a job in that and that’s why you have this native document with you, then you can easily get this job.

 Thank you for making this post till the end and if you want a good job or job job profile etc., then there are many jobs available on our site in many parts, which you can do which you can check the website and all the details are there. But you have been given which job you have to do, you can fill the details from here, thank you 

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