Amul recruitment | Private job vacancy in india 2022

Amul recruitment: Hello, welcome to our another post, friends, if you want a job, then through this post you do not have a job, if you want to do a job, then you can do a lot of different things, if you want this job, then you can easily You can do the job if you want this job then you will get all the details. 

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About Amul job

Friend, the job has come to make water bottles, which you have a factory there, you have to read water bottles and packing with water, you have to put a lid with them and seal it there and after that you have to From there the packing machine will have to be packaged with them and after packing, I will have to bring you back the goods which are parked outside the factory and will have to be kept with them so that they can take it all. You have got this job, there is a big vacancy, you need their help to get the water bottle, you can do that with them and they have to get the water tanker coming empty and filled and with full information you have to check up the water. You will also have to be the one with the bottled water supply and deliver the car

Details about the Amul company

 Lugai is awake if you want to do job then this job company is in Gwalior village of Ahmedabad and their owner’s name is Shri Krishna Lal Saraswati who is their big factory and their work album is needed which you support them to get the bottle purchased and Rashi will have to work in the factory so that they can earn more and more money, so their loved ones are needed and they should be given a lot like you should be honest with them and should not be a swindler, should work and the work you do should get more money. And then they will have to stay at home with them, they will also have to do household chores, such as bringing a car from home, taking the car, their children will have to leave school, will have to bring vegetables from school, will have to take household items too. Will have to work, wife will have to bring medicine, will she have to work for her wife too gonna get more money

Amul company factory salary

 If you talk about salary today, then you are going to get a lot of income, which will work very soon, he will get 5 months from 80000 to 17000, neither will you be given bonus from 3000 to 4000 and if you work with him. I also want to become a driver of the car, then you have to drive, they will get you from 20 to ₹ 36000 per month and along with them you will be given bonus and clothes, everything will be free and mobile will also be given free from their side and cow. If you work as a security guard in the company, then there you have to take care of them with a lot of detail information, then they will not get you much money, you will not get the bonus of 20,000 to 30,000 per month. Will work

 Where are you, you work in the office of the factory, so you do not have the detail resume and all the information like how many packets have come for how many bottles, what goods have come, which goods are going more, whose expenses are more, whose money is not What is happening, take care of the office on the arrival or take care of the entire account, then you will be given a bonus to those who get you ₹ 40000 per month from 29000 and it is very easy, it is very easy to do the job, the rest are more The job is the rest, which is very good, you will not have much work in the office and there is going to be more urine

 Amul facility available

 If you lived now, you would be given room with them, along with them, in the morning, you would be given a vegetable of cottage cheese with milk or whatever and you would be given food in the morning, you would be given five breads of cheese and other vegetables and with them. I will also be given you a mobile so that you can contact anyone, you can talk to the family members, you will be given a smartphone in that the company itself is doing the recharge of every month and you are going to get a couple of holidays in a month which is easy. With this you can do your own work, even if you want to talk to the person, then man, if anyone wants to go out now, then you can bring the goods, then you can bring 2 months, you will get two-three days leave comfortably.

Amul company work time

 You will have to do this work from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, where you will have to stay in the on-duty factory so that you can pack the bottle and if the camper comes from outside on a normal low, then you can fill such poor temples. So that too you earn no less money so you have to make camper and packing the bottle and with them you have to come early and leave early

 If you work in the office, you work in the office, then you have to stay here so that you have to get all the information whether the work is going on less, whether the marriage is happening, what is the shortage, is there a shortage in the factory, what is needed? All the things you have to know, so you have to work there from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm and the work is very easy, then you can do it comfortably, you will not have any problem and you will have tea and breakfast there. will also get

 If you want to come as a security guard, then from where you have to be there from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Undertaker will have two shifts, then you have to accept first from 6:00 to 12:00 or the second 12: You have to stay from 00 to 6:00 pm, if you want to work in the night, then you can do it in the night and it is very easy so that you are going to get more income, which you can do before talking about your income. And this work for you, you will not have any problem to get tea twice a day.

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